I came upon this list of 20 things that your friends wish you'd quit posting on Facebook.  Some of it doesn't bother me, but some of it is dead on.  As for me, I admit that some of these I am certainly guilty of.  I probably post too many pictures of my dog (that's my kid!), but I can't even come close to some of my friends and what they post of their kids!  And my goodness... I have this one friend that must post 400 selfies daily, ALL of them in duck face.  What must the camera roll in her phone be like?

I have countless friends that update their status EVERY FIVE MINUTES.  I don't even want to know what I'M doing that often, let alone someone else.  Geesh!

And "vaguebooking."  Ugh.  Can we just stop it with the vaguebooking?  Either tell me what's wrong or don't post it, but don't make us ask 400 questions to get it out of you after your vague post, only to never truly know what's wrong.

But at least the Bitstrips craze has passed...

OK, rant over.  Check out the list and comment your thoughts below.  I'd LOVE to hear them!!!  Really.  I would :)