The Mavericks released six studio albums in the 1990s and early 2000s before disbanding.  Last year, the guys decided to get back together and signed with Valory Music Company, which is a part of Big Machine Records.

Lead singer Raul Malo talked about how the band got together after separating seven years ago.  He called Scott Borchetta of Big Machine to see if he was interested in The Mavericks.  Borchetta was interested, but Malo had an issue:

"I realized that after I opened my big mouth that I didn't have any songs.  I only had one song.  I didn't think he was serious...You just never know.  It was just really incredible to get in there again."

The one song that Raul Malo had was Back in Your Arms AgainThe Mavericks performed that song, Blue Bayou, Come Unto Me, and Born to be Blue.

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