Joe Diffie has had a bit of a career resurgence thanks to Jason Aldean and his hit song, 1994.  The song pays homage to Diffie, who was one of the biggest country stars of the 1990s.

But, Diffie didn't appear in the music video for 1994 and has appeared on stage with Aldean.  Many have wondered why Diffie has been absent from anything related to Aldean and 1994.  Also, when Diffie released the video for his new single, Girl Ridin' Shotgun, several country stars made appearances.  Jason Aldean was not one of them.


They just can't get their schedules right, says Diffie.  Speaking to Country 925 Diffie explains, "We've had a couple of conversations.  It just seems like the timing was never good."  Diffie had a concert the day that Aldean shot the video for 1994.  Then, when Diffie shot the video for his new song, Girl Ridin' Shotgun, Aldean's schedule was too busy for him to make an appearance.

But, Diffie is happy about the song.  When he first heard it, he said, ""Are you kidding me?  This is crazy."  Diffie admits that it took a little getting used to but, "How can you not like a song about yourself?"

1994 has opened Diffie up to a whole new fanbase.  He says he's seen more sales on his songs and younger people are coming up to meet him at events.