If you've seen Eric Church in the past month, you've noticed that he's grown a beard.  We don't normally spent a lot of time on the shaving habits of country stars, but Eric's beard is there for a reason.

He's recording a new album.

Speaking to CMT Radio, Eric Church explained that he's growing a beard while he works on his new album.  Eric explains:

"We started the process, as evidenced by the beard.  I can tell you that we've started the process, and then we'll go on to the next step in the process. There's like 20 steps to get the record done.  I'm excited creatively to see where we can go from here and see what we end up with."

Church released Chief in July of 2011.  It won the ACM for Album of the Year.  He also just released his first live album called, Caught in the Act.