Toby Keith has his hands in a lot of things these days.  In addition to recording and touring, he has his hands in various businesses.  Keith has his own mezcal line, a restaurant chain, and runs his own record label.

But, there are things he does not like to do.  For instance, when it came to his recent photo shoot and interview with Forbes magazine, Keith was not on board.

The country star tells the Oklahoman, "My publicist, this is one of the things she demanded. She was like, ‘They want to put you on the cover of Forbes. They’re requiring a photo shoot and interviews and follow you around for a couple of days out on the road.’ And I was like ‘Man ….'"

Keith explains that he does not like doing interviews and photo shoots, particularly when he is home.  Photo shoots are like, "Pulling teeth," to Keith.

The reason Forbes wanted to do an interview and put him on the cover is because he has achieved substantial wealth outside of the typical money musicians get from touring and recording.  But, that makes Toby uncomfortable, "I was like, man, I’m uncomfortable even talking about success and money, you know what I mean. I’m just a boy from Oklahoma that still drives a pickup truck."

Keith admits that he has not even read the article in Forbes.