Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have two teenage daughters and another one will become a teenager soon.  So, how is Tim handling their boyfriends?

Well, if you are Tim McGraw, you can be quite intimidating to a teenage boy.  In addition to being a megastar, McGraw is also in the best shape of his life.  But, he seems to be pretty tame, at least when it comes to his oldest daughter's boyfriend.  Gracie just turned 16 and luckily Tim likes her boyfriend.  He explains to Country 925:

"She has a boyfriend. She really hasn’t been a big dater… she has one guy that they’ve been friends for a long time, and sort of turned into boyfriend/girlfriend recently...'cause they’ve known each other for a while."

But, McGraw jokes, he must lay down the law, "I’ve beat him up already. You’ve got to do that right off the bat."

He is kidding.  But, it's a strong message.