When country music legend George Jones died in April, the tributes poured in.  His memorial service included country stars like Charlie Daniels, Alan Jackson, and Brad Paisley.  A momument is being built.

But, Naomi Judd is taking issue with how Jones was honored at the recent CMT Awards.  In a letter to The Tennessean, Judd lashed out at the country music channel for what she called a "by the way" mention of Jones' death.  Judd believes that Jones deserved more and she also took issue with the short performance from "alternative music group" The Mavericks.

Judd also blasted CMT's inclusion of other music genres.  Judd writes:

"Every year, CMT includes artists of unrelated genres, many of whom some country music fans don’t even know. I suggest the CMT Awards show change its name. Perhaps to 'the Multi-Genre Awards Show, Featuring Artists under 30.'"

Judd closed out her rant by saying she believed the post would result her being "forever banned by CMT."  She also said, "I'm tired of folks messing with my country music."