Nashville, Tennessee is known as Music City.  To most people, it is "Country Music City."  The area is the main hub of country music.  Artists live there.  Country record companies are based there.  The Grand Ole Opry is here.

Nashville is country music.

Except the town is now home to several of the biggest rock bands in the world.  One of those bands, Kings of Leon, recently discussed the popularity of Nashville among rockstars with All Saints.

Nathan Followill is amazed by the metamorphosis:

"We moved here and made our home. Jack White moved here, and The Black Keys moved here. We got looked down on for being rock bands and, now, it’s like every band that you hear that is hot right now is based out in Nashville."

 Kings of Leon is comprised of three brothers and a cousin.  They grew up in Oklahoma before moving to Nashville.  Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys moved to Nashville after growing up in Akron, Ohio.  Jack White, of White Stripes and Raconteurs fame, grew up in Detroit, Michigan.