Nine-year-old Jaylynn Hiler was hit by a car driven by a drunk driver while leaving a country music festival in Michigan.  The girl broke her hip and is still recovering.

But, Jaylynn's biggest complaint was that she missed her favorite country star's performance.  Lee Brice performed at the festival the next day while she was in the hospital.

Local TV news station, Fox 17, did a story on Jaylynn that was forwarded to Lee Brice's people.  When Brice's manager found out what happened, he invited Jaylynn to Brice's next concert in the area and included backstage passes.

Lee Brice is Jaylynn's favorite singer because her step dad liked him.  Jaylynn's step dad was recently killed in a car accident.  His favorite song was Brice's I Drive Your Truck.

I Drive Your Truck was written from the point of view of a father who lost his son to the war in Afghanistan.