Miranda Lambert is one of many high profile performers on the new John Fogerty album, Wrote a Song For Everyone.  But, at first Fogerty did not realize just how high profile she is.

Speaking to USA Today, the Creedence Clearwater Revival front-man revealed:

“I first heard Miranda’s voice on the radio, and just was really taken by it and through a sort of circuitous route, I thought I was the only person discovering her. And eventually, to my own embarrassment, realized all the rest of the world really knew her very well. She’d already won Album of the Year and that sort of thing.”

Lambert knows who John Fogerty is.  At an awards show, he gave her a note asking if she'd be interested in singing on his next album.  Fogerty recalls Lambert's reaction, "I think in the other room I heard her say, ‘Hell yeah!’”

Fogerty and Lambert duet on the album's title track.