Jake Owen severely injured his hand in a go-cart accident a few weeks ago.  He flipped his go-cart going 40 miles per hour on a North Carolina track with a few NASCAR drivers.

Owen had surgery on his hand and has still been able to perform, but he can't play guitar on stage.  But, that is hardly his biggest concern.

"I can't even hold Pearl right now," Owen tells CMT.com, "That's the worst part about it."

Jake has 40 stiches in his hand.  His fingers were shattered.  He still is in pain.  But, he played a show in Boston one week later.  On that show he says, "I'm not about to bail on Boston, a city where people just lost arms and legs and from this coward [expletive] bomber...Some of those people will never walk again because of something that wasn't even their fault. Mine was self-inflicted. So I'm an idiot. It's my fault."

The doctors don't know Owen's prognosis.  It will take another two months for his hand to heal.  Owen might not be able to bend his fingers properly ever again, which could mean the end of his guitar playing days.  But, Owen says, "I just want to hold Pearl."