Thanks for your "Do" or "Don't" text for this week's IMPACT SONG OF THE WEEK.

This week's song (2/16) is "I Remember You" by Trisha Yearwood. Did you know who it was when you heard it?

Poll: Impact Song of the Week - Artist

What's the Impact Song of the Week? It's a song we think you should check for what it has to say. After you hear it, it's up to YOU. Do we PLAY IT AGAIN, so your friends can hear it or DELAY IT, so it doesn't go up the charts? Listen during the following hours to 96.9 The Kat on iHeartRadio and then text "Love" or "Hate" to 96893. Here are the times to listen for the Impact Song of the Week!

  • Monday - 8pm hour with Ric Rush on The Night Train
  • Tuesday - Noon hour with Casey Carter
  • Wednesday - 3pm hour with Big Kat Stevens
  • Thursday - 9am hour with Paul & Meg

Leave your comments about the songs below!

Previous Impact Song Poll Results

Rascal Flatts
89% Do vs. 11% Don't

Kenny Chesney featuring Grace Potter
"Wild Child"
72% Do vs. 28% Don't

"Already Calling You Mine"
72% Do vs. 28% Don't

Mo Pitney
83% Do vs. 17% Don't