A movie on the life of George Jones is in the works, according to Billboard.  The rights to Jones' story was acquired by 28 Entertainment.  Dennis L. Baxter is the writer and producer of the film.

Jones' widow, Nancy, says that many have asked about doing a movie based on the legendary country singer's life.  But, according to Nancy, "It was not until Dennis Baxter became involved that we were confident the story could be told accurately."

The discussion regarding this movie began before George died.  Actually, this has been a discussion between the Jones' and Baxter for about six years.  George's input is important to his widow, "I feel we are in good hands," Nancy adds.

George Jones struggled with alcohol and drugs for a large chunk of his life.  He married four women and developed a reputation for missing concerts (hence the nickname "No-Show Jones").  He infamously drove a riding lawn mower to purchase liqour after his wife hid the keys to his car.  Eventually, thanks to Nancy and friends in the country music community, he cleaned up his act.