Pistol Annies released their first album, Hell on Heels, in 2011.  Many thought of the trio as a side project.  But, that is not how Miranda Lambert, Angaleena Presley, and Ashley Monroe see it.  Producer Frank Liddell tells Billboard:

"This not some kind of vanity project.  They're dead serious about it and they want it to succeed."

The trio will release their second album, Annie Up, on May 7th.

The Annies tell Billboard that they have a lot fun and try to keep their secrets "on the bus."  But, Presley explains, "But then we end up writin' a song about, so, oh well."

Annie Up features a lot of personal music.  Song titles include Hush Hush, I Feel a Sin Comin' On, Unhappily Married, and Being Pretty Ain't Pretty.  Monroe explains:

"I had written a tweet one time about how I went and bought a bunch of makeup, then I went and bought a bunch of makeup remover, about a zillion dollars worth of each, cause when I get home, it's all coming off. We can't wait to get it off."

Miranda Lambert says most of the songs are about, "Either us or somebody we know, pretty much."