Craig Morgan is more than a country music singer.  He spent almost two decades serving this country.  For over 10 years, he served in the Army's 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions.  He also spent nine years in the Army Reserves.

Morgan is also an EMT.

His background came in handy when he was returning to Nashville after a show in Texas on Sunday morning.  There was a crash on I-40 involving three tractor trailers just ahead of Morgan's tour bus.

So, Morgan and two of his crew members jumped into action.  According to News Channel 5, they helped emergency responders, extinguished a small fire, and cared for drivers.  Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis said of Morgan:

"He responded and did exactly what he had been taught to do and was a huge help.  This is just another example of the kind of guy he is, he loves doing things for others."

Nobody was seriously hurt in the accident.