Brantley Gilbert is a big, young country star.  What could he possibly be scared of?

Tim McGraw and his crazy workout routine, apparently.

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Speaking to Country Weekly, Brantley revealed that he has nightmares about his tourmate.  Gilbert explains, “I’m telling ya, I keep on having the same nightmare where Tim knocks on the door of my tour bus to go work out with him."

Gilbert is no stranger to the gym.  But, he says that McGraw is on a whole other level.  Gilbert says, "That man is like the Terminator. I’m pretty sure he bleeds chrome.”

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Brantley Gilbert does say that he has attempted to join McGraw in a pick-up basketball game.  He bought a pair of Air Jordans, tall white stops with three white stripes at the top and a huge a pair of shorts.  Gilbert texted the picture to McGraw with the message, “I was all duded up and my socks were all pulled up,“ says Brantley, laughing, “with the message: ‘Anyone wanna play ball?‘”

McGraw might be surprised to hear about his opener's fears.  When asked about Gilbert, McGraw has said, "He's a hoss. He reminds me of Hank Jr. He walks out there with that swagger and that attitude that all artists wish they had."