Alan Jackson and the rest of his family are fine.  But, they were recently the victims of a cruel Facebook hoax.

A person posing as Alan on Facebook wrote a status claiming that his middle daughter, Ali, was hospitalized after a car accident.  The post read:

"A fathers worst nightmare is knowing his daughters well being is in jeporady and knowing he has no power over whats happens to her except through the power of prayer.  All of your familys prayers would be much apprciated at this time.  Today my middle daughter Ali was in a car crash buy she seemed to have no major injuries, an hour ago we were eating dinner out and Ali began to cough up blood and collapsed we are now in the hospital waiting room, all we know is ALi had slow internal bleeding that the doctors did not catch.  Please pray for my middle daughter."

That is not true.

Note the numerous grammatical errors and misspellings.  Also, the fake account has 40,000 likes on Facebook.  Alan's official account has close to two million likes.  The official account posted this status in regards to the hoax:

"Hey, folks - we appreciate your thoughts and concerns for Alan's family. There is someone posing as Alan on Facebook and posting false information about him and his family. We want everyone to know his family is fine. Please keep in mind that this is the only accurate and official Facebook page for Alan Jackson. Thanks again."

The hoax tricked at least one country star.  Wynonna Judd offered Alan her concern on Twitter.