Kenny Chesney performed at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field on Saturday.  But, several fans got way out of hand.

There were at least 10 large fights resulting in 150 people needing medical attention and 73 people were arrested.  Police say 49 of the arrests happened inside Heinz Field and 24 took place near the stadium.

Merril Stabile, who is in charge of parking, delivered the most shocking line from this story.  Stabile tells KDKA, "The Kenny Chesney crowd is the most difficult crowd for our staff to work with of any of the events of the year."  He adds, " We had a hard time getting police.  A lot of police didn't want to work this event."

In addition to the multiple fights and arrests, residents near the area were not pleased with the odor and mess left from concert goers.  Images of the parking lots showed the place was trashed with beer cans and bottles.

Stabile recognizes that most fans do not create problems.  He explains, "You could probably say 80 to 90 percent of the people there are acting responsibly, but even 20 percent of 50,000 people getting out of control is pretty bad."

A video of one of the fights has surfaced.  It's obviously violent and there is vulgar language.

This video is from KDKA and explains the whole story.

A few pictures posted to Twitter display the aftermath.  Charlotte, let's show some class on August 1.